Persistent aren't we?
Everyone has a favorite place where they like to play. Real or imaginary (relative terms) these places are a cornerstone of who we are. Throughout time these spots may move to other locations or shift into new delightful images. Probably depending on how much you change, they change. I have had a few spots in my time and I have noticed that, at least with me, one thing remains constant: trees. What is it about them that I like so much? Each tree has its own distinct personality. It takes a while to get aquainted with a tree. As we shuffle on and off this mortal coil (little omlet, folks) in a big rush, they stay still as they can; each day barely a breath. Stubborn though, they don't even want to yield to the wind. Can't bear the idea of yielding to anything. Know anyone like that? Most people probably won't end up face first on your lawn but probably won't live to be 200 either. If you think there's an opinion forming here, you're out of my mind.